Nick Scali Furniture

After establishing a successful group of stores in Melbourne, Nick Scali sold the business and relocated to Sydney in 1962. Ten years after arriving in Australia, Mr Scali established his first Sydney store on the Hume Highway in Ashfield, in Sydney’s inner western suburbs. The new furniture store was located near where a large Italian community lived. In the early days of trading, the majority of the clients of the business were Italian immigrants.

Slowly many other European immigrants became customers primarily due to the great reputation of the business and also the furniture Nick Scali was selling, which by 1965 was imported from Italy. The furniture store became famous for the baroque style of furniture that appealed to the tastes of European immigrants.

Eventually the company moved away from this particular “niche “ it had succeeded so well with, recognizing that to grow the business it needed to become more “mainstream “ in the style of furniture it sold. The business even developed a nice following on twitter under the hash Nick Scali as way to keep people information of the latest events quickly.

This strategy proved successful and in 2004 the company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and became a public company. The company has continued to grow and today is a well-recognised brand name in Australia.